Summary for meetup on 13th of June


Meetup leader: Chris

Client: A Worklist job has been published to upgrade the voice support on Windows.
Assigment client: Not ready for release yet, because it takes up all CPU. If anyone has a fix for this message Chris.


So what happens if rogue assignment clients decide to report their results falsely?

Chris: Philip was asked the exact same question at a military conference.
2 Answers: You can also run HiFi disconnected for the web, like LAN.
When running it online, the AC only knows about the model he is simulating, not about who it belongs to or which server it is on.

The chat window is really annoying on windows :stuck_out_tongue: , any plans on fixing that soon?

Chris: Not working on it at the moment.

A interface to the chat for js would be great, so the whole chatwindow can be in the js ui @chris

Chris: Not on the radar. But if it is considered important from the community, a Worklistjob will be created.

With the larger and larger groups attending these meetups can we expand the distance the voice is effective in?

Chris: Yes

Is anyone of the team focussing on collaborative build tools? I think those would be a plus, like 3d modelling inside of the client, or something with basic prim alike stuff.

Chris: They are working on 2 sort of things:

  1. Building capability with Hydras, PrioVR, Oculus, etc
    2.Working out great live music experience

To point 2: They are currently implementing this, there will be various sound settings. You will then have the ability to setup rooms with stereo sound.

While deleting a mesh Chris destroys Pokemon art worth 2000 Chriscoins.