Summary for meetup on 6th of June


Philip showed us the finger animation via Hydra.
Currently WIP:

Stereo input for artist
Function to detach and reattach attachments
Oculus Rift UI
Properly settings for servers
Marketplace for scripts and objects


I am so sad i could not make the meeting, I missed so much good stuff. I was wondering if someone has a write up about what was talked about, Would love to learn to detach and reattace attachments.


To expand on what I caught from the meeting.
Stereo input means in theory performers can pipe in music through voice and we should hear the full stereo field.
Function to detach and re attach things, Phil talked about being able to put on and take off a hat using the Hydra, well like you would rl.
The oculus rift displays now have a magnify feature that means u can see what your doing. A little like the magnify on an iPhone.
We all complained about everything getting voxeled to death on the strip. They said they have something in mind to fix that.
A Simple marketplace was also touted to give us something to spend the ChriscoinsTM on where we can put things we made to sell…

Phil demonstrated his new action man gripping hands opening and closing using the Hydra


Thanks Judas - this really helps me. I was there but only caught a fraction of what you described because of sound quality issues