Sunday Community Hangout @ 8 PM GMT May 22 2016


Come around and hang out with some of the Alphas.

For show offs, general discussion, everyone is welcome!

At Sandbox at 8 pm GMT, Today.


I have something to show. it’s already posted on forum too. But see it is nice.


Is that a change in the usual time? That’s 4PM Eastern US, and it’s usually earlier. Thanks.


Yeah, slightly change, I am not sure if ill be able to focus on anything between 6pm-7pm GMT :> as thats the time Finland vs Canada Hockey World Championships finals is going on. Even though I am not interested in Ice hockey, I need to make sure I know whats going on in it to avoid being left out at work tommorrow XD


Oh, thats 22:00 not 20:00 what would be a better time. hmm. going to be a short one for me. opnly one hour available.


We will be at sandbox, I cleaned it up a bit.


I couldn’t make it today as I was at the Makers Faire (San Mateo California). There are some very nice 9 axis gyro/accelerometers micro-boards with BLE modules available. 1ms sampling too.