Sunday Hangout: 26.6.2016 - 18:00 UTC


I unfortunately Missed couple of Friday meetings due to a combination of factors (Convention, Midsummer night celebrations, etc). But regardless, I am now going try to restart the Sunday hangouts starting this Sunday.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to keep the Sunday meetups it consistant due to being preoccupied by worklist tickets, but I hope I can keep consistent or have others take over when ever I am not available. It would be nice to continue having activity here.

So this Sunday, at 6 pm (18:00) UTC, , lets have another hangout, for general discord, sharing of stuff, or asking for help :slight_smile: .


Wich domain ? Not alldomains are HMD friendly right now.


We will be meeting at my domain singularity

Link here if it actually worked

but for now, just type in the domain name in the placenames


Thanks for comming to the Hour long meeting :slight_smile: . Will try to hold one again next weekend again at singularity


@judas, critter where the name ? because i sadly cannot find it. Possible use wrong name.

#6 @Richardus.Raymaker

whats super cool with it if u press W it tiles the image which makes making tilable textures really easy


Look good krita, nicer then gimp. anyway did a quick test. copied image from here. pasted that in gimpe , krita, Paint shop pro. set diffuse intensite at 1.0 and speculair black. the normal workflow.
And this looks good. but the blender vertex pained one that i did resize did go wrong. Fileformat jpg, jpeg, jpg. So it’s not paint shop pro. must be something else.


So this tool let’s you make one texture that contains tiled images in it on the fly? That is nice. Does it do reflections or kaleidoscopic effects?

Eventually it would be nice to have interface itself support tiling of textures across a face (unless, of course, I missed the memo on that feature).