Sunday hangout: 6.3.2016 6 pm GMT


Come around :slight_smile: on 6.3.2016 at 6 pm gmt to chat, catchup or show off stuff prior to mondays meeting.
We will meet at sandbox (till fire’s lighting is fixed )


So, basically, 10am pacific time. Pity I’m in the middle of lunch right about then (it’s 1pm my time), and have another event right after that on one of the OpenSim worlds, or I might pop in. Hope it goes well for the rest of you. :slight_smile:


Few more weeks of obligations (on Sundays), after that I’ll be more of a regular. @Menithal nice work on the PBR video! It’s great.


Reminder we will have the hangout within a few hours :slight_smile:


Sandbox is a tad bit laggy. We will meet at fire instead even with the broken lighting :stuck_out_tongue: