Sunday meetup 6pm UCT


I wont be able to make it today :frowning:
But if anyone is interest just meet without me at some domain :slight_smile: sync up on this thread



Don’t get too excited; I would simply like to test the chat script. I’ve got my default sailboat out and a box to stand on with the ocean shader.


Figures. I’m busy for a month every Sunday, then the Sunday I come back everyone is gone. Thanks @KevinMThomas for the test results.


It takes usually about 15mins for people to start showing up, just saying. Atleast last time it was just me an franny for about 20 mins before people started popping in


it looks awesome @AlphaVersionD I appreciate the tour! Can’t wait to have some beers there!


Mkay, I’ll leave it open awhile. If no one is here within the hour, I’ll probably go back to something else.

1 hour later…

Fool me once, shame on you… fool me twice, shame on me.


Aii, did i missed it, that’s problem if there are not group notices or inworld IM between domains :slight_smile: I where fighting with collision hulls. Uhmm, still fighting. But time for break.


Aw shame :frowning:

Probably others that usually come didnt come because I did mention to them that I might be unable to come today.

Oh well