Support for mirrored UV's / Normals?


Hello :slight_smile:

I’m having some difficulty getting assets which use mirrored normal maps to render correctly in High Fidelity.

To test this I made a simple cube in MODO with a seam down the middle, moved one half’s UV islands up one unit and baked down a rounded high poly cube for the normal map.

After verifying the bake in MODO and Marmoset I put my mesh and embedded materials together in Maya LT with Stingray per Caitlyn’s wonderful tutorials and this is where the issue becomes apparent.

I’ve also tested FBX exports from Blender and MODO unfortunately with the same result. Behavior like this is common with older engines but I am assuming HiFi respects the tangent space defined by the imported FBX. Is a synced workflow using these methods possible yet?

Here’s the test cube if anyone would like to check it out!


There are some issues currently with the normal mapping definitely. I had posted an issue related to using the same UV space as well with the normals behaving differently from other enigines (such as U4 and Unity5), and this is one of them. Its been in for a while, but we will have to see when the developers, or if a third party developer is going to create a fix for this.

Going to CC @Caitlyn and @sam to this.