Support for Mixed reality devices and Gamepad support?



Got a few questions for anyone who can answer this. Are there any plans to support mixed reality devices such as Hololens or CastAR?

I am personally planning on making my campaign world from Dungeons and Dragons so that me and my friends can play our DnD Campaign again. I currently live in a totally separate area of the united states than them.

Also is gamepad support planned?

Just thought I would ask,

  • HeadClot


The HF folks have been adding new VR devices as fast as they can (search for VR in this forum).

The Hololens is an altogether different animal. It is not a stereovision device that gets fed two video streams. Instead, it contains a 3D rendering system similar in kind to the Interface app. The holo-processor unit built into the Hololens takes object descriptions, places them in the 3D space, then does all the work to spatialize it in realspace. So, connecting the domain simulators to the HoloLens space would be rather different than what is done today by interface. Still, it would be an nice thing to have once the holo-APIs settle down. They too are in alpha.


Hi @HeadClot, we do have gamepad support. Here is an example .js showing different controller options:



@chris - On HiFi provided binary builds for Windows it doesn’t seem to be loading SDL2 support which, if I understand correctly, is needed for joystick/gamepad support.

Looking at DLL load tree for self compiled version shows;

SDL2.dll SDL C:\source\hifi\build\interface\Release\SDL2.dll

Looking at same for binary builds shows no indication of SDL2 being referenced.

Might explain why I never had any luck getting my gamepad to show up. I had forgotten about it until this came up and decided to try again. It works with my self-compiled code that does load SDL2 but not with HiFi provided binaries.

If you look at HiFi’s binary release for Windows - Avatar -> Input Devices you see;


Self-compiled shows;

Since I don’t include sixsense externals in my self compiles that makes sense. Looks like HiFi’s Windows build box isn’t including SDL2 support.


Hmm yeah the production builds don’t seem to be finding SDL2 anymore. I’ll look into it.