SVVR 2015 - Conference & Expo Live


just a quick reminder to everybody SVVR 2015 - Conference & Expo Live is starting very soon don’t miss out
the team will be there and friends


Philip will be talking to Day
What is the Metaverse?
Philip Rosedale, High Fidelity
11:40 AM - 12:00 PM

Next video coming up countdown


first recorded video


this should be on a webentity in world


The opening remarks are delayed until 10:15 PDT due to registration glitch. 60 second pitches are being moved to tomorrow, time TBA.


thanks for the information don’t forget we want plenty of pictures and video hehe


Oh wow I forgot about this. And its a holiday here so I get to watch live.


just put the first recording of the first conference next one starting in an hour at the top


Super-Dooper. Thank you!


You are right - we need to walk the talk…


They will be starting in the next five hours first link for video is the countdown for Tuesday


Get ready for the next Video session starting now


@philip loves how you bring it to life on stage, I watched it with the other alphas and was all Squeee we’re apart of all this.
It for me feels like the beginning of something important.
work to be done sure, but look how far we have come

ooh yeahhh