Syncronised Youtube Player



I want to share a script for an Youtube player that can be used to see videos in sync with your friends in your domain. To use this script, create an entity primitive box, size it to have a proportion aprrox. 16:9 between width and high (like a tv screen) and place this script on script URL:

A 3D web entity overlay will be rezzed on this box. In the left bottom corner you have a paste video link. Here you can place video links and press Enter.

Your video will be loaded to all users in your domain and can be shown in sync. Feel free to Pause, Play, Seek the video to test it.



Have I told you lately how awesome you are George? :smiley: Thanks!!!


Just been using this,Simple to set up and just works
cant ask for more than that
Thanks George brilliant work


Amazing! Thank you George for another amazing gift to this community!


Great feature! Thanks so much for creating this.:smiley:


Script was updated to not require registration.