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We thought we should blog our project.
Its Alpha in the Alpha

We have our end goal but there are a lot of unknown factors.
Stupid things. How long is a track? seems straightforward but it really depends on how fast the cars go. I don’t think I want to drive for a hour to complete a lap.so the lap length is something to do with the car speed.
How much scenery does a track need?Does it need to be built out in infinite detail or are we just making lag?
Until we try we wont know.

We have let a few people in to have a look around. This is kinda scary there is a lot to do were roughing things in at the moment. its a building site.
How I would like  this to work is this.
We want to get you involved
Ideas are great But I think id prefer you to show me how think it should be done, rather than telling me mines wrong.
Make us an example, showing us what you mean. @thoys will pay you from his half :smiley:

To quote Kahn Tcars is the undiscovered country.
Because HIFi is so new and changing so fast anything could happen.



About the speed of the car, how fats can you go before you cannot make a turn :smile:

Scenery, the problem with that is that you need to preload everything into the users local disk cache before you ever start to race. Because if you need to load the scenery when you race you get lag or you see the tree after you hit it. Besides scenery add ambience. especially the place where you start and do pitstops i think need to be more detailed.

This is for @judas and the crew. “To boldly go where no one has gone before”


The woods are lovely, dark and deep,

The exciting road to winning melted away leaving us with this huge slippery path to follow.What I mean by that is we have our road map, we know where we are, we know where we need to be but …Thoys and I have been playing this game a while, we know the lie of the land we know it’s alpha…. it’s the mantra we all chant to each other.

But I have promises to keep,

There’s this deadline - it’s getting closer day by day. We have made huge progress, I have Blended my little heart out and Thoys has coded till his fingers bled. Like NASA in the space race,  we have created little gems along the way : Velcro, Teflon… they will all be yours… oh yes! Breakthroughs do happen.But equally as things are busy being born, things too are busy dying.Record.js’s little toes are pointing toward the heavens, and @summer4me… amazing animations tragically seem to be heading the same way. I’m gutted for her - she’s worked so hard. I’m gutted for us - we wanted to use all this stuff.Web entity issues are making our planned Blockly integration tricky.

And miles to go before I sleep,

We’re not in a final presentation state. It’s raining in, the toilet won’t flush and the stairs are missing. But we are getting somewhere. There is nothing else like this in HIFI. I’m proud as hell looking at how far we came.
So now Dear Developers… we want something back…. a little feedback to be precise.

We want you to  come out of toybox a while and… and… and…I suppose we want you guys to give us a hug and tell us it’s all ok lol

@chris @ryan


Whose code this is, I think I know,
His house is by the windmills, though
He will not see my stopping here
To watch the blends made by big ear(s)



Add me to the whitelist and I’ll be happy to try it in the DK2 after work.


We added you to the ride domain , until its merged you will need https://github.com/highfidelity/hifi/pull/5988 this pr viewer
or risk getting sick in the face :slight_smile:


Added you for real now :smile:


Tcars stuff in Blender


The problem with preloading scenery is something that the interface app needs to do, otherwise a lot of custom preloading code gets spread to thousands of vehicle scripts, all getting it slightly wrong. And, it is something that applies to free moving avatars anyway, so a common approach would be better.

The interface app should know the avatar’s velocity and perform prefetching of scenery along the virtual light cone of its travel. The distance of the preload reach should be the static occlusion distance sphere plus some additional distance based on the avatar’s velocity. Without that feature built-in, scenery loading will always be either too-late or create a much higher than necessary bandwidth load on fast free-moving avatars, or avatars sitting on fast moving vehicles.


Lookin’ good, there.


“That’s wrong, it looks wrong… you should have done it like this…”

No, it’s not wrong it’s how I want it to look.

Everything I make looks like something I made.

Think handwriting…
You can either scrawl on the wall or torture your personality out of a thing until you have the penmanship of a typist.

But really, what’s the point of that?

If you want it to look typed, type it. If you want it to look like a photograph, take a photograph.

Art - which is what we have here - should reflect the artist.

In a few years’ time people will just wave 3D cameras around and create models. It’s already happening, it will get faster and more accurate. And that will create a look. I like the idea of a look I like Ozan’s polyworld - that has a look. When he presented that it was met with the chant of, “it doesn’t look very real”. That misses the point completely.

This is art. It’s about expression and storytelling, fantasy.

The different looks of these tracks are mine
Each of the tracks has a different theme.
The point of that is to create some diversity and to bring to life the different challenges each present:

The school track, I wanted to feel a little like a Victorian school room. I started by researching old photos of schools, go get some idea of the things they have in them. I mixed that with my own memories of playing with toy cars in my bedroom.

The street track was inspired by old episodes of Starsky and Hutch. I liked the idea of racing down twisty turny streets at night like a chase. I originally thought of making it like San Francisco but thought, no, build what you know., and set it with English looking things instead. I had lots of fun making them. There’s some interesting art on the walls, Pics of me and my brother, there’s a pic of Thoys, and there’s some great original art by Chav (she taught me Blender way back)

The toy track is me trying to create my take on a miniature village, think LEGOLAND. I built a range of London landmarks and then played with the scale of everything so you’re not sure what’s big and what’s small.

Space track I had the huge urge to build after playing Wipe-Out. I wanted to try out driving as fast as possible. The inspiration for the design came from Duck Dodgers in the 24th 1/4 century. That kind of 50’s atomic future look

So there you are - this is my work, my style and I am proud of it!


um, Burma shave?*


Just remember…


Too bad you don’t have a canal track.