T.t Back to back Crashing


i never really had a issue with crashing. after the new update i feel cause the ipd i think its called when objects scale larger or smaller plus a friends been using alot of particles i am crashing back to back to back to back and it wont stop.

im wondering maybe if there is a way i can turn off particles it will work better.

its odd cause before the update we were working with tons of particles all day and there were a number of people around and i had no issue.
this morning i have been at welcome and there are a lot of us there and my friends using alot of particles and im changing my height its crashing me back to back over and over and dosnt seem to stop.


i know this isnt a option but i was hoping they would of had a toggle in settings where i can turn off the ipd if i didnt want to use it.
i think i would like to put in a request for this as a feature in the future. i have a i5 processor and a 480 card im sure this is why im crashing