Tablet get less responsive with high cpu load


I placed this under bugs. because the tablet is a main part from the HMD. Without it hou cannot do much.

The problem is that last meeting on zaru my cpu load where high, combination of hifi + bacup that where not finished. But this did show a weak point in high fidelity.

If you cpu load is close or at 100% (I7 - 8 cores, 4.36ghz) The tablet get less fesponsive. It’s getting hard to mue/unmute, clicking buttons with the finger got difficult. moving and grabbing where problematic.

Good enough that i jumped back for a while to desktop mode. Not sure if the chair makes it worse when you sit in it.


Yep, this is due to the fact that the entire tablet interface and everything related to the client are run with a combination of qml and WebOverlays and js. These are very bound to CPU, as some also use JS to drive the events.

Slower Availability of CPU Resources -> More Sluggish JS Engine performance -> more sluggish interface.

Would like it if they could offload this to a dedicated core or priority thread to avoid it being clogged.