Tablet locked in VR


It happens more times now. and today it’s complete locked.
I can open the tablet, but the tablet is locked. so i cannot access basic things.
Possible because i use older version of high fidelty (doing update disatser now)

But still, running old update or not.
The tablet need to be available all the time for the user in HMD.
It’s hard top make a snapshot, change audio or switch back to desktop if the HMD is locked.
That’s one of the moments you betetr can stay on the desktop :grin:

Anywway, if there’s a version incompatibility. it still need to keep the table accesable.

ADD: updated to latest beta. problem still exists.
The tablet is locked when you open it.
It get unlocked when you grab it.
It disappear as soon you release the trigger.
So the tablet is complete useless.