Tablet: People and Users switch sometimes places!


Before we call it a bug, have other people noticed People and Users swap places in the table at times ?

If you open the tablet. The people button and User button swap place sometimes. That’s so evil ! and you open the wrong thing. Can we keep buttons in the tablet please always on the same position and location.

ADD: No am not nuts. it just did happen again.

and after a while relogging or a crash of interface is swapping both icons.

Yiks ! :scream: It got worse. This way the tablet is not workable if the place of buttons keep moving.


Yeah I’ve been seeing this a lot too.

Each individual default script adds its own button (similar to the Wiki info on custom tablet buttons) – so the buttons are in whatever order the scripts end up firing in, which can vary from the order defined sometimes I think because of threading.

One way to reproduce is by enabling “Developer > Debug defaultScripts” and “reloading all” a few times. From that mode you can actually start/stop individual default scripts and just their corresponding button disappears/reappears (now in last place) on the tablet.