Tablet UI for HMD :- Looking for some feedback


Hi All,

We have been working on changing how you interact with the UI while in the HMD. We are doing this by moving more of the interactions into the tablet. The project is still being worked on ( ) yet we want to let you try it out and tell us what you think.

To set it up:

  • Go to the Pull Request and download the build at the very bottom:
  • Once you have it installed, go into your HMD and with your Hand controllers you can bring up the tablet by clicking either the ‘menu’ button in Vive OR ‘Y’/‘B’ buttons on the Oculus Touch.
  • Start interacting!
  • In this version, clicking the button will open the windows outside of the Tablet. Future versions will have the windows embedded in the Tablet.

Let us know how you go.


A re-think of the GUI in VR mode?

Tested with Oculus and Oculus Touch utilizing hand controllers and successfully brought up the tablet by clicking ‘Y’/‘X’ buttons on the Oculus Touch. Immediately a very responsive stylus appeared on both hands and was very intuitive to interact with the tablet. I was able to browse the market with ease with very intuitive scrolling and selecting and manipulate objects very naturally.


I thing @Judas has a good point for a future enhancement. I do however like the wands that are in your hands in the current version as it is very intuitive when it interacts the tablet. To me the current wands act exactly like a stylus to a tablet in a very real way.


Tried it for a few minutes.
It looks good so far.

  • The sound of the tablet is way to loud. Lower it with 50% to start with.

  • especially compared with voices that would be to soft. ADD: Just remind me that the sound is coming almost sure from the bubble button that is to loud :open_mouth:

  • Edit mode worked once. but for some reason the edit.js window appeared only once. After that i did not got it back anymore.

  • I broke the tablet design. the (X) button can be moved in edit mode.

  • I would like to disable the touch function. It works a bit against me right now because you press the trigger to. Also you touch the tablet by accident and trigger it when you not want it. Pen + Trigger button works fine.


I think it’s about time we talked about this in Fridays meeting everybody’s got different opinions about how it should work and quite frankly none of the ideas we have right now are working


I dunno… it seems like one of those good ideas in theory and, it generally works, but… it’s clunky. If I’m going to have something appear in front of me and pretty much monopolize my view while in use… I’d rather just feel like a Trek character and call for an arch or have the HUD as it was. I would guess, in the glorious future, we will have many other options for UI things like this, so, I’m not going to grab pitchforks and incendiary devices over it. For now… I think I’d be more comfortable having an option of Tablet UI or traditional, but, having watched the streams of Table UI PRs… that seems unlikely.

And I agree fully with @Richardus.Raymaker - cut the volume of that blasted click at least 50%, or better yet, give us persistent default volume adjustment for sounds such as it and other UI/ambient sounds (noises). I don’t even have the best hearing and it’s too loud.


Well, you can move the tablet on your screen.

But i agree that it would be nicer mabye when it’s attached to one of the arms. But i can only confirm if that is nice if it can be tested.

Only the pens are a bit weird and strange , especially with grab the tablet.


Well - you can move tablet if you have the right setup. With DK2 + xbox controller I can’t so it’s stuck there at appearance point. Apparently it’s a better experience with Vive or CV1+Touch controls. Will soon find out for that.


@M.L , I will come to the next community meeting and run through everything.

It may also give me the opportunity to test out some of the new PAL features … ;>


Just tried quick the tablet in desktop mode. PR9422

  • The biggest problem is that you cannot move the tablet around on your screen.

  • The click sound is reallt loud , when you press a button .

  • I cannot close the tablet in desktop mode.

  • Icons in desktop mode are mabye a little bit big.


That’s very strange, but I ran mine without the HMD connected, so I didn’t have the switch button, so a guess I have is that the UI is being up-scaled based on if an HMD is connected or not, and is effecting desktop mode as a result.

Also, I found a rather annoying issue: while using my Razer Hydra for hand controller support, the analog sticks would become ignored after 8 seconds after casting a grab laser, resulting in me coming to a sudden stop until I use the grab laser again. I plugged in my Xbox controller to test if that was also effected but appears to be specific to just my hand controller (I do not have any Touch or Vive controllers so I cannot test them).

I will see what happens in HMD mode and update this post upon finding the results.


guess who believes in using your hands and guess what video they are showing the power of the fingers in building look at the interface that’s why I think the tablet should be optional and flexible in options including outside of the tablet



lmao why cant hifi have a tablet like this


I saw that, and said to myself: “Should I put that on the Forums? No, maybe not, because I have nothing positive to say about changing the tablet, because all I can do is make jokes, not fix things.”


Except a few small things that get fixt in the next version as far i know.
I have more problems with edit.js then with the tablet.


Ha… that is what I am waiting for. Bang on it a few times and it’s fixed.


It;s obvious, we need a canfish to bang against objects to restart their script.