Technical difficulties


I just realised I also can’t get the menu to show up. I am on a MacBook Pro running macOS Sierra, but have no audio and can’t get the menu by right-clicking my magic mouse. So I am pretty stuck at the moment :frowning:


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Beta Release 33
Beta Release 33

Macs don’t enable right-click by default. Have you tried Control-clicking. If that works you have to enable Right-clicking open Mouse preferences, choose Apple menu > System Preferences, then click Mouse.


Thanks, other Dr. I thought this might help but none of the combinations of alt, control, or command and right click brought up the tablet.

In addition, the problem of being able to quit by only forcing quit remains as well.


I also must force quit on MBP…


I wish I had something to add, but I also cannot get the menu to come up, I have no HUD, and I have to force quit as well, and I’m also on a MBP running Sierra. I see a pattern.