Technical User Heads Up: Removing Domain Server "Master Config"


A while ago we introduced the “Master Config” feature for the Domain Server so that it could load a base configuration before the main “User Config” file. Our Ops team uses this to deploy a centralized configuration for our production domains.

We are removing this feature to simplify the config file management on the Domain Server in anticipation of some upcoming Domain Server settings improvements.

If you aren’t using the master config feature (by passing --master-config to the Domain Server) then you will not need to worry about the upcoming changes.

Some of our more advanced domain owners may be using the master config. When the feature is removed, we will perform a one time migration of any settings you had in your master config to the (now single) Domain Server config file. None of your settings will be lost, but we will no longer read the master config file. Any changes you make to the master config file will not be picked up by the Domain Server.

If you have any questions, please let me know.