"Teleport Routing" in High Fidelity


If any of you have been in Second Life, you know about Teleport Routing. You try to teleport to a friend, but instead of landing directly next to said friend, you end up at the designated point that the land owner has set for new users to enter the sim.

In High Fidelity, when you teleport to a domain, you end up at a landing point. But if you teleport to a friend, you end up directly where they are. Is there a way to force all users who enter a domain to go to the same location, regardless of how they enter?

Some of you may ask: “why would you do that?”
It would be helpful to have some sort of disclaimer that a user has to accept before entering a domain, e.g. “by entering this door you agree to these terms”.
If someone teleports in by teleporting to a friend, they would entirely bypass such disclaimer.


Or you could maybe rez an overlay, or something, in front of them, where and when they enter the domain, which they have to acknowledge to get away from it.

Don’t know which is more annoying though.


where you been, boy?


‘annoying’ is okay; I plan on having social spaces used for meditation and relaxation so I want people to know what they’re walking into before they come in with an open screeching mic.


Still around.
Mostly lurking in the background :slight_smile:


We’ve done this. It’s a 3 step process.

  1. Ensure you lock down a users Scripts from the domain-level settings.
  2. Freeze them wherever they arrive ( ?? -> have a look at the API)
  3. Undo 2 and 1 after security clearance.

For obvious reasons I can’t discuss further than that, but this info should get you started. When our framework rolls live later this year come give us try.