Teleporting info?


I notice that there is a teleportation function in the sandbox/tutorial world. Is there a way to see the code to how that was done? Is there existing documentation on how to allow users to teleport?

I am wanting to have a hub like station where users can “pick a level” by going into a teleporter.

Any thoughts?


Go to the marketplace:

then get the sample teleporter. Edit it to see the script it references then download that.


That is more so a “personal” teleport kind of option from what I can see. I was looking for a functionality like you see in the Welcome area with the portals to “cell areas” and other environments that are being showcased.

I ended up finding a solution by talking to an individual within the platform.
I just selected the teleporter asset from the welcome area, exported it, went to my sandbox, imported it, unlocked it, and was able to change the domain level settings in the asset entity window to take it to the world that I wanted it to go.