Testers Needed: Avatar Creators Software Checkup


So, we need Avatar Creators to do some tests on the FBX compatibility with High Fidelity’s core FBX reader.

First of all, We know that Maya, and direct auto-rigs from Mixamo work, While Blenders does not. However We have plenty of other 3D suites which have not yet been tested, and with what sort of settings:

Simplest way to test this is to import an existing working avatar from the marketplace, and then export it from the software choice.
You can use this http://www.norteclabs.com/HF/labs/tests/skinning_test_mixamo_autorig.fst as a re-export test base avatar.

An advanced test is to create a basic humanoid skeleton from scratch in the software and seeing how that behaves when exported

Here are the test targets, if you can think of more software, just say an ill add it:

Default / From Scratch

  • Maya - Works / Works - Standard

  • Maya LT - ??? (seems to depend source of rig)

  • 3DSMax - ???

  • Lightwave - ???

  • Mixamo auto-rig - Works

  • Mixamo export - Depends on source of rig

  • Blender - Does not work

  • Cheetah3D - ???

  • Modo - ???

  • Daz Studio - ???

  • Sketchup (cant make avatars)


DAZ3D’s Daz Studio 4


Added that to the list, thanks,