Text entities unreadable in 4319


New update renders the text entities virtually unreadable.


Here is a before and after shot. If I mive very close to the text entity it looks better but nowhere near as clear as pre 4319.


bump: is this getting addressed soon? @chris


Yes, @sam is working on a fix


can someone please test this and confirm that it fixes the text issue: https://github.com/highfidelity/hifi/pull/7256



Well, much better, but the text rendering is not crisp as it used to be, especially from a distance:


The text color difference is OK since that is the result of correcting gamma. My concern is how the characters are thicker and how from any distance the background face begins to bleed into the text. You can see that even close up there is some background face bleed.


While fixing this, can we have it so that the text background can also be transparent? Technically we could make wearable name tags :slight_smile:


You mean like one of those “Hello, my name is _____” stickers? :smiley:


Well yes, but it can be extended to other forms of name tags too :slight_smile:


Yes, as in:



@Balpien.Hammerer Trying to crisp up the text a bit: https://github.com/highfidelity/hifi/pull/7336


ship it

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<img src="/uploads/highfidelity/original/2X/a/a1d525fedb931057b797b90b4e8df33b12ff776b.jpg" width="690" height="479">