Text entity maximum number of charachters?


I pasted some text into the text entity 297 words 1427 charachters with spaces, and it repeatedly vanishes
(the script for this spoectator cam competition) does it have a maximum number of charachters it can use?
nothing on the docs about one


I seem to recall asking this question a couple of years ago, from memory the answer (from Zappoman) was
"There is no actual limit but anything over 1000 chars may cause problems."
Try the same thing with around 900 chars and see if that works.

Also if the text is too big for the entity it wont show, make sure you use a massive text entity for testing just to be sure.
If there are no linebreaks (\n) in your text then it will try to print it all on one line, if the panel isnt big enough it wont show.

note: its not enough to just hit enter during text to create a new line if pasting from a notepad, you must type \n into the text and it will see it as a new line command.