Text field missing on properties panel, and userData not displaying updated data


It was there now its gone. I cant edit or see the text in the edit panel, sometimes. see this pic…

Sometimes the Field shows up but its blank…


Text entities are actually really buggy, in script I should be able to editEntities for both text field and userData field, but it wont happen.

If I put the entity.text edit line first it edits text but nothing else. If I put the entity.userData edit first it only does that,

once I have had a Entities.editEntity() run, it will not handle another editEntity() in the same code block.

This could be deliberate but its probably a bug.
I have to try now to see if it will run if I call an outside function after the first edit has been made, but this seems like a long way around, both in terms of script length and processes.

BTW this has been the case for as long as I can remember, and I have just lived with it, but I can no longer live with it.

I bring it up now because text entities have recently had some attention, so maybe this can get some love too.


In similar fashion to sourceforge, would be able to give a small example snippet of what you are attempting to accomplish in code?
Currently all I can envision by your description is a nested edit call on Entities class. But I’m sure I’ve got this analysis incorrect. Please clarify.

Entities.editEntity( ... ... ) {
    Entities.editEntity(... ...{  });


close but they are not nested.

I cant even test it now its behaving so badly with refusing to show the panel text, also sometimes it keeps the text from the last selected text entity and incorrectly displays that as the text for the new one.

I just want to modify both the data field and the text field in one function, its 2 consecutive calls on the same entity in the same function…

Entities.editEntity( … …{ }) ;
Entities.editEntity(… …{ });

because I have also tried

Entities.editEntity( … …{text: foo , userData: bar}) ;

and this doesnt seem to work for me either.

It seems the data is being written to the userData because I can read it via a script, but the text entity isnt updating the userData field.


Its not just text and data fields, color and background color arent being properly displayed on the properties panel, it just keeps the settings from the last text entity selected.