Text oddity in dialogs


@Jherico - Take a look at attached capture - getting odd text vertical skew in text - there’s a repetitive vertical offset between characters. Windows 10 - Interface 4057.


Looks fine to me. Have you been drinking?

Kidding. I’ll look into it.


I’m having trouble reproducing this. Can you give me some information on your system, like screen resolution?


Win 10 64 bit - Nvidia GTX660M - 1280x1024 on second monitor running maximized in window, not fullscreen mode.



As of build 4067 and update to just released Nvidia driver it’s not doing it for me either. Beyond unsure if new driver helped, something changed since 4057 or I should drink more. :stuck_out_tongue:


Look good again. the text is now aligned on the Y exis. the letters are dancing in different heights. like the AWS. you see the W is lower. same for Amazon the M is lower on the screenshot. and so you see more letters wrong.