Texture alignment between blender and High Fidelity wrong


New problem. I have the textures. but the alignment is changed in high fidelity


High fidelity:

More have problems seen like this or know what happens ?


Thats… odd

I havent yet bumped into that one, even thought I have done so many avatar / clothes. Could I see the model?


Yeah this is a bug definitely.
The UV coordinates are incorrect compared to the ones in blender / or when the object is imported to a 3D suite as an FBX.


@chris, if you still have Door-Back-A01_001.fbx then you can send it to the correct dev…

It looks like, that when you change the Mapping -> Size parameter below 0.50 that high fidelity start todo strange things.

Am pretty sure high fidelity cannot handle < 0.50 everytime i go below that the texture alignment get screwed. Now high fidelity need to fix it.

For now i changed some things on my blender mesh with texture alignments. using size = 0.5 for now and align the texture again. and with 0.50 it works fine. But a workaround for now.