Texture changed with sky box


I created a box with this picture and I import it into HIFI.

However, the object showed in HIFI is so different. All the white area changed into another color which is similar to the sky box. It should be white! but always change the color with the skybox.

Do you guys know how to fix this problem? Thanks.


Maybe you don’t set the Specularity color and the Hardness correctly.

if you kept the “specularity color” to “withe” you might get this darker because it will behave as a metal.

Set it to black… you might see it behave as a non metal.
Keep the hardness low if you don’t want this reflecting the environment.


Thank you for your reply.

How to set the “specularity color”? In HiFi or blender?

Thank you again.


On the material, in Blender