Texture mapping problem


I have a little big problem with texture mapping on a model. I build a landscape of 256x256m. Because the max size of 1024 pixel of a texture, and a halfway acceptable resolution, I decided to have 8x8 jpg texture on the model. That’s fine so far and load fast.

If I add 64 materials on the model, one for each texture, and upload it, it seems, HF has no problem with 64 materials, but it’s scale and repeat the textures wrong.

If I cut my model down into 64 peaces and put one material on each peace with one texture, I can upload it in one peace, it just looks ugly, where the borders of the textures come together.

So, I would prefer the first solution (64 materials in one model), but guess, there is a bug somehow. Here is a screenshot of my Blender


The 64 Materials trick should work fine, but it looks like it might be something to do with a mesh property. Could you double Check that the texture repeat in blender for each of the 64 materials repeats are at 1.
This is because it seems like each are a consistant 4x4 on each separated tile.

Splitting the terrain geometry like you did may cause seam issues due to the shaders splitting at those points, so with ambient light it would not look so great.

Ill check out if I can replicate this issue, once I get home if the above didnt work.


Looking really good, hard to say whats wrong with it without looking at the model


Found it :sunny: - amazing how that good old ‘double check’ still works. I had setup some more UV maps for texture painting and just forget them. One of them was layered above the regular UV map, and screwed it up.

Thanks @Menithal, @Judas and @Richardus.Raymaker (for the like)