Texture mapping scale support


Will hifi ever support texture mapping scale

Here we have to identical uv’d cubes, the one on the right has its mapping scale doubled so its texture tiles more than the one on the left.
here they are in world

I can scale the uv of the one on the right to get the same result but
Ideally I want to use tiled textures where possible because they are more efficient '
If I wanted to bake out an ambient occlusion map I would have to pack all the islands to fit the uv space, which would send me back to square one.
If the mapping size coordinates were honored I could pack the islands but still have control over the scale of the tiled individual textures textures.

The other option that might help would be if hifi could fix support for vertex paint which is kinda random but fixed I could shade areas of a mesh without needing a unique ambient bake…


What you described is functional for me, but only in packaged textures versions of the .fbx I have modded the UV scale on items in the port terminal. Strange that it doesn’t work with filepath textures. o.O Also, I intentionally choose the UV map in Blender. Not sure if that matters, but when I don’t assign a deliberate UV map ((for example UVmap.001)) and simply set it to “tile” or “generated” it gets very confused when uploaded to HF. I mentioned this because in your screenshot there is no UV map deliberately selected.


Double checked it, but i always used repeats and in soem paramters it always worked on my buildings. Now not sure what i did or used. i only know that you need to stay above 1.00 do not go below it. That where broken in the past. Mabye that works now.


Blend file now :smiley: 2 identical cubes with identical textures one with the mapping size changed

also tried it all above 1

still nada


Maybe I’m not repeating your description properly. I’ll check my blend file to be sure.


Well i tried it today and it just worked fml lol
so in ur face um
as u were

¬.¬ didnt use to work
didnt work yesterday


Next time I wont be so forgiving