Texture/material transparency


GIT Commit #4657 changes how FBX reader and rendering pipeline evaluates opacity. In most cases this should be a very good thing, but, if you’ve used a material transparency of 0.0 in Blender to make something 100% transparent you may find that it’s now non-transparent. Solution - increase transparency to > 0.0 but still very low. This now fixes case where you had a material transparency of 0.0 then a diffuse texture with alpha set to influence transparency. Previously HiFi would render it as 100% transparent - the work around to that was setting material transparency to 1.0 and texture alpha influence to 1.0, the convention everything else seems to expect. Why did we set material to 0.0? Depending on render used in Blender - you would only see your alpha transparency if material alpha = 0.0 and texture alpha influence = 1.0.