Texture Swap fbx


I had 2 Fbx models swap texture. Both models had embedded textures. Strange one.Interested of anyone else sees this happen

See the cushions on the 2 wooden chairs the one on the left has picked up the texture from the one on the right,


Just thinking, and waiting for answhere on other topic. I get different uuid results in my script on the same object. could it be related to… ?


This may be dropbox being weird still so I thought Id check here before nagging the devs

just logged in now and behold the texture prob has reversed


and today its reversed again

thats a bug rather than my own incompetence

this is @thoys fault he must be dealt with :slight_smile:

Its like its not completely able to separate the data contained in one fbx file from another.


@chris I swapped out the textures for much smaller jpegs

The models have different names in the pic the new ones are the higher 2 chairs and lo and behold the textures swapped again on the middle one , weird huh


@Judas , I think I have worked it out. Both .fbx files are in the same dropbox folder and both seats have an image attached to them called cushion.jpg . Therefore Interface is looking for https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/10483952/cushion.jpg and getting confused . Rename the cushion in one of the fbx files and I think you will be good to go OR put one of the FBX files in a different dropbox folder.


@judas, your not bakeing the textures in the FBX file and upload that ? Or is it then breaking anyway if you bake it in the FBX ? with seperate files its logic what @chris is saying. Do we not have this problem if HiFi stores the assets, i expect its then renamed to some uuid in the database / disk.