Textured 2 sided plane


I was chatting to @Derric_Foggarty and he was asking if we can do 2 sided planes. I was all uh i dunno i dun think so.

The idea is If you can display a texture on both sides of a plane then you can do things like grass and leaves more efficiently. You could build up thicker foliage that looks more convincing from all around without having to resort to fully modelling it
Seems like a good idea.


:rolling_eyes: Uhh, that sounds for me just 2 faces in blender.


Is a “two sided plane” even possible?
because a normal can only point one way?,
Else obj needs two faces as Richardus describes


I think its prob possible to cheat. I’m trying to think of a case where I wouldn’t want the texture to show on both sides.


As @Richardus.Raymaker pointed you, you could simply just use two planes with reverse normals. Done it a few times


Yes but would this be an efficiency saving? Thinking blender and backface masking or not


Hey @Judas

What i was talking about is having double sided materials, or having culling off, so you can can see both sides of the material. In Unreal Engine there is the option for this. Say if you make some foliage for trees with several planes adding up to around 2000 tris adding the extra geometry is going to increase that tri count to to 4000, so to have doubled sided materials might be a good thing on the tri count.


For some cases, yes, for others no so much/could make things worse. Its highly subjective on the case


Well, it sounds nice. But it also sound like a bg hack to get something working that is not a standaard.

For me it sounds like something that better get avoided.



I was close like I can tell a word u say with that bloody accent XD