Textures Dissapear off Avatar on Edit Mode within Skybox - Build 3223


When going into edit mode, the avatars materials / textures dissapear

Build 3223 on Windows 10.

(Right Edit - Custom )

(Left Edit - Albert)


This only occurs if the user is incide a skybox zone with a cubemap. The moment the user goes out of one, the issue does no persist. It does however within the zone.


Hi @Menithal I am on windows 10 trying to reproduce and I am not having much luck. I am trying on Sandbox with Albert


this seems to occur within my domain, only difference is that I have a skybox (Tropical) vs the sandbox.


scratch that, even if I add a skybox to sandbox, i do not see the skybox, thus no lighting effects as in centre.

See filed another bug here http://alphas.highfidelity.io/t/skybox-only-shows-for-all-other-users-if-only-editors-can-create-entities-if-on/7194/

I am adding you to edit list on Centre @Chris so you can test this specific bug there, as i can repeat it there…