Textures ! Not free, not to expensive. But can be usefull


Many know the name from Secondlife. i found it back and did know the have a website. The sell textures for use outside Secondlife. the price is not to bad. It can be intressting for high fidelity users.


Mabye others can take a look at the license too. because where missing still some content protection ?


Hmm FAQ.
The world is so annoying. Because you are stuck with the same problem.
Textures and textures. i can and have made many myself.or use CC0 / creative common ones But at some point you run out of materials or good ones.

May I use these textures in my Open Source (Creative Commons, GPL, etc) project?


TRU textures may not be used in Open-Source projects. The
redistribution of textures “as” textures, edited or not is prohibited by
all of our License options. This is a standard User License prohibition

Well, for now we need todo it with what i have , find and can make.


I find it a bit more easier simply to generate my own textures using tools like Substance Designer. That way no need to worry about licenses because they are my own:

Basically the licenses on any texture selling or sharing website, such as cgtextures have a clause agaisnt “as is sharing” or “edited” textures, which most textures tend to be in an environment that has to transmit textures to other users.


Substance Designer., looks complex ! and intressting. And is expensive. :open_mouth:


I bought this cool thing, u can point it at stuff and it takes what they call “a picture”. these “pictures” can be used for textures.were living in exciting times…


That as well, having a camera and going out, and using photoshop to make textures work as well :slight_smile: did it for a good while for my old SL textures.


That is how i made most textures and still do, but without photoshop. i ahv e a better seamless generator. otherwise paintshop. not adobe fan.