Textures taking forever


Models appear inworld with no textures. Textures seem to take forever to load, I spent hours last night trying to find what I did wrong and finally the textures appeared.
I didnt do anything wrong, it was Hifi incapable of working correctly, and incapable of sending useful messages via the console.
Then this morning, no textures again, so lets go back to talking about a cache that doesnt actually cache anything, whats going on there??

Sorry for the negativity but seriously?? WTF ?


Hi @Adrian,

Yes, this is a pretty nasty bug that causes textures to be stuck in an unprocessed state forever, it’s not related to the cache.
We have somebody working on that and a PR is already up to fix it.
We just need to make sure the fix works properly and doesn’t cause any new bugs before we can merge it.


Thanks for the reply, its just nice to know these things are being looked at.


Happy to.

Regarding caching, you also might be interested to know,
that something as been merged today to address a couple issues.
There’s still 2 small issues I can think of the top of my head, but they should get fixed in the coming weeks.


Nice, I understand the level of difficulty in making a system that both

  1. caches assets for rapid retrieval
  2. is easily cleared so changes to scripts and objects take effect upon import saving us from having to change the name of scripts and models and/or relog in an effort to bypass the effect of the old cached version being used instead of the new one.

Thanks again for listening.


Yeah, every time I work on that, I’m remembered of this quote:

There are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things.
– Phil Karlton


How dare you sir thats my role
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