Tha Phlash! Latest Scope!



Latest Periscope from last nig… erm… I mean a few hours ago.

clap clap


It was a fun time indeed, though it’s doubtful that it will be the same again.

Periscopers are normal users, more of us than anyone else, yet is it cared for what we can bring to the table?

Maybe not.

The only thing constant are that of which changes and change is constant in this highly volatile environment of which is this ‘virtual’ reality of ‘Uh, what are we doing now?’ “I dunno, I thought you knew what we are doing?” ‘I don’t know. I just work here.’

…and it all fades away in a day.



phlash live in hifi



great scope here if you skip in a hour u can head phlash chatting to philip


That was a lot of fun last night. About 26 people showed up with a nice mix of some new folks. Philip was there for quite a while trying out his new avatar and flying with the rest of us. Flight School is great place to bring new folks for tours/and a very nice hang out area. Lots of people I haven’t seen in awhile. Wade the Greeter won the round the course challenge race - and admits he had been practicing :slight_smile: I took a few bad photos - if others have some nice photos might be fun to post them.