Thank you for fixing the edit grab function


What I said!

The amount of time I can save now because I can just grab objects and they will move instead of just spinning, I cant tell you how much this one little fix helps. Lets just say it helps a lot.

Thank you for this improvement.

I might just take this opportunity to say how much better Hifi is looking lately, what a change and it is beginning to feel like it will be possible to create state-of-the-art graphics in here.


There are still many problems with the default edit. I am beginning to play with physics to recreate my pinball machine here. Try editing a 0.02m ball. The up/down grab is so far away from the entity that it is not possible to zoom in to see the ball and see the grab handle.

Moving entities around is still a sordid mess. I edit by the numbers and even that is a mess. Try editing the dimensions of an entity. click on the X box, enter something. Oh noes!, did it first select the entire number so that I can edit in the new value without spending time having to backspace erase the old values?, Nope. Now having entered that number, I hit the tab key. Good, it actually did the right thing by jumping to the next field, in this case, the Y dimension, but oh noes! Did it auto sleect the entire number so that I can just type in the new value? Nope. It positions the g-d text cursor to the end. Again. So instead of 0.02 it becomes 0.50000.02. backspace backspace… backspace. type in right value.

Here’s a great one: I want to change the color, so I click on the color splotch, OK, little color palette shows up, click on the desired color. Oops, nothing happens. Right, I have to click on the little “OK” button, but it’s not visible, so I click and drag on the scrollbar to place it in view. BLAM! color palette disappears. Fawk.

Gah! This seriously needs to be fixed before that hackathon lest you are going to get a lot of pissed off developer feedback.

NOTE: DO NOT tell me I can write my own editor script. That’s a lame excuse people. Basic tools should work decently.