Thank you HiFi! :)


Huge thank you to everyone who came to my Trance gig at Rust! :slight_smile:

Listen again:

Yes you can run HiFi on a Mac, including a Vive Pro (if it’s got a decent GPU and you Bootcamp into Windows)

Puddles xxx


Sooo sorry that I have missed your gig!
Promise to be there next time :purple_heart::dancer::sunglasses:


yeah, I missed it too, sorry.


Oh hey! VirtualDJ. Used to use that a bit.

I couldn’t attend since I wasn’t aware of the start time (and I have work). I’ll see if I can give round 2 a try.


No worries @XaosPrincess @Tim.Crook and @FlameSoulis there will be more gigs! :slight_smile:

Puddles xx


Very excited to announce my second Trance Rave party in High Fidelity! Sat Feb 16th 2:00pm - 4:00pm (PST) :star_struck::fairy::unicorn::dancer::man_dancing::headphones::notes::heart::two_hearts:

This time we will be in GodBar with a live video mix displayed! :tv::movie_camera:
Please note that the audience will be video recorded as part of the live stream.

Huge thanks to Geroge Deac, Out.Of.Order & Hammer58 xxx

@XaosPrincess @Tim.Crook @FlameSoulis


Oh - that‘s wonderful!
/ polishing her dancing shoes in pleasant anticipation :purple_heart: :dancer: :sunglasses: