The <3 button for replies/posts is BAD


I’ll be brief:

I believe the like/heart button is bad.

It discourages forum interaction inasmuch as it allows people to press it instead of taking the time to express agreement or gratitude in writing.

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Unfortunately I believe this is part of the forum software that hifi is using and not something that they can control or not

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I sincerely doubt the forum software can’t be modified.

BTW there are other ways to encourage people to interact, for example I think signatures are very important. Why when someone posts I don’t instantly get to see a link to their domain and a few words like their personal motto ro something?

I made some sig banners for people ages ago in a game forum, I think they’re very important for community building.


Discourse is modifiable, for sure, but I’m not sure you would WANT to modify it… :wink:

Unfortunately Discourse isn’t the phpbb of yesteryear. I miss forum signatures, too. Discourse feels like Twitter and forum software had a bastard lovechild at times.

I’d be interested to see how this forum would operate on mid-2000s/2010s software but I can’t imagine that would be pretty, either.

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