The 3 minute in VR bug list


Ok. wanted to test something in VR.
That’s difficult in hig fidelity if you not have used it for a while.

  1. Why is there not a shortcut to toggle between desktop and VR mode ? It’s important !

  2. Why is advanced movement for hand controllers not default turned on ? And why is it hidden. Did take a bit to find it back. Also why is this very important setting not in the settings -> avatar. there you can set snap turn. But not this option ?


  1. I found by accident option to set your height. Good let’s set it. But why does it only go up in steps if 1.0 meters and net in more logic step size that.s 0.1 meters. Now logic thinking , no problem i type the number. So clicking the field in VR… NO KEYBOARD ! :man_facepalming::man_facepalming: So you first need to undo the whole VR stuff from your body. Go difficult into the menu’s to switch into desktop mode because option one is missing.

Just a few basic needs that are missing. Now i go back in VR and check the font size what i wanted to check.


1 when i put the rift on it changes automatically to vr when i take it off it goes back to desktop
2 Because whilst everone switches from it as soon as they are told about it never to return to clicky teleport its not about what everone thinks its about whats best for us
3 shrugs i dunno
4 why is the font so smalllllllll


Ok. just completed the check.

  1. Then let them move that option at least to the correct settings page. So there’s some logic. Clicky teleport sucks. especially because you start jumping first.

  2. The keyboard appear for some reason now. Why it failed before i don’t know.

  3. The font for the settings panels are still small and a bit blur in VR to. the only good thing is that in VR you can move the tablet closer to your head.

  4. VT in high fidelity is pretty complex to work with and switch between desktop and VR etc. At this moment i say, High Fidleity concentrate on making desktop better. because that rocks compared to VR.

  1. I always use Ctrl-4 to switch from desktop to HMD before putting on the HMD. (And Ctrl-1 to switch from HMD to desktop when necessary.)


Hmm. is that a hidden secret shortcut.
it’s not visible in the menu as shortcut. Need to try to remember that.



Regarding Advanced Movement for Hand Controllers, that setting is off by default due to some users being sensitive with motion sickness. As a result, users must volunteer to enable it with the understanding that motion sickness is a possibility.


Suspects that some people that are sensitive to motion sickness will feel the same even with advanced movement disabled.

And besides, if that was really the reason, I think we would see a disclaimer and warning about it when you changed it.


Aslong as they don’t vomit into hifi how is it our problem?
Boats don’t care if u get seasick