The AR Field is Moving Fast into VR


The AR field is moving fast. What was augmented reality is transitioning into something new, akin to fluid reality. This is the ability to seamlessly transition from augmented to fully immersive VR and back. These products are but a few years away (well, we’ll see how that goes :slight_smile: ) But, the takeaway is that the platforms to use such gear are self-oriented. It is going to take a while before platforms will be able to support the different formats. I can see Windows attempting that since Microsoft has the resources to both partner and execute it. Will Apple embrace interoperability? Or will it be iVR only.

This is the status of Microsoft’s HoloLens, James Mackie reviewing it:

This is the amazing ODG HMD glasses: 50 deg FOV, really 2K. ODG’s moonshot is to have 1 billion glasses by 2020. This is also a James Mackie review:

Another competitor: Meta: