The "Arrive in Style" contest


Attention scripters, artists and avatar enthusiasts! We are excited to announce the Arrive in Style contest!

You are invited to create special effect sequences triggered at the arrival of an avatar into a domain! Be it a Star Trek style teleport effect, swirling particle tornado, a glowing wizard’s magical sigil, a Ready Player One inspired particle decomposition, or just a witty animated sequence, we’d like to see your most dazzling arrival effects.


  • Multiple submissions accepted but only one prize per contestant
  • Teams are welcome but must share a single prize
  • Effects should take advantage of the new Avatar Script functionality
  • Should include at least one of the following: particles, sounds, scripted entities, client script, physics
  • Submissions must be uploaded to the Marketplace back end (but do not have to be listed for sale)
  • You are welcome to also add a Departure effect but it is not necessary

Submissions will be demonstrated on Monday July 9th at the 2 PM PST High Fidelity Maker Meetup, at hifi://maker. The community will vote and select the top three!

Winners will receive one of three prizes of 15k hfc, 10k hfc and 5k hfc respectively.

Come dazzle us! If you have questions, thoughts or ideas feel free to add them below.



Here’s some information that may be of use for the effect:

As well as:

  • Users.avatarDisconnected();
  • AvatarList.avatarAddedEvent();
  • AvatarList.avatarRemovedEvent();
  • AvatarList.avatarSessionChangedEvent();

Note that a Departure effect is tricky to implement, because if your avatar leaves a domain, it’s not there to continue the effect in your absence. Therefore if you choose to also develop a departing effect, it should be triggerable by a tablet app or command line function that can be played right before you TP away or disconnect.


Any idea how to check if a domain is loaded? When I change hosts it takes time for the host to load. In that time my script is already executed but I cannot see it.


Hey all! To provide more time considering the technical scope of this contest, we’ve decided to extend the deadline to Monday August 6th.

Best of luck!



Necro here.
Is there going to be a toolkit/template for the Arrive in Style? Thanks, Franny


bumping this up to ask again if there is going to be a “kit” for this? Thanks.