The audio selection needs to return to our preffered choices


When I put the rift on it selects its audio and mic. When I take the rift off it doesn’t return the audio and mic settings to the previous choices.
We could use a way to identify our preferred mic/sound card and to default back to these choices.
thanks :slight_smile:


This is a good suggestion. We need to think about how best to give you flexibility in your audio choice without making it overly complicated.

The system is supposed to switch to the HMD preferred mic when you go into HMD mode, and then switch back to whatever other audio device you had set when you leave the HMD… but it doesn’t let you manually set the preferred sources for each display.


I am using stupid devices for my audio ie not the built in soundcard, blue usb mic and an audio quest dragonfly sound thing.But today i discovered I can plug the headphones into the xbox controller so stupid seems to be the future


I like to see this complete with different default script. i made a worklist a while ago for that. Because i use different scripts on my desktop then i need in HMD. SO now i run them all. With possible conflcits

But, +1 for the audio. Only problem is that steam always is set wrong to.


It is a bit more involved than just using a different default script because running in HMD mode vs desktop mode is a dynamic thing. What should be happening is that entering/leaving HMD mode should trigger an event, and that scripts sensitive to those modes should have an event listener to respond to the changes. Many scripts will not have different behaviors, so they would be unaffected. But, the mode sensitive scripts do care. They might change how they behave, they might disable their functions while in an inappropriate mode.

In this way a person can don and doff their HMD, especially while building or doing preparatory activities leading up to an immersive experience, and it should work seamlessly without having to mess with reloading or stopping scripts.