The avalance. (better read it) :)


You can run for it, you can try to hide. But once it start rolling it only get bigger and bigger. At the end you cannot avoid it, and the avalance is pulling you in.

Thank you for your order – We will start shipping June 2016. Your pre-order’s estimated arrival will be based from the date you receive your shipping notification.


:slight_smile: congrats Richardus


This marks the dawn of a new day. A day when HMDs most vocal and active hater has pre ordered a Vive. I’m so happy for you Richardus. It is simply an experience that can only be understood once you have had the pleasure.

Enjoy my friend… And welcome to the club. :slight_smile:


The wheater and other things are slowing me down. But sometimes something else is good too. In the next weeks i need to organize some power plugs etc. :grin:

I hope it’s all working good for me. hope it wer nice. hope the 3D works for me. ohh the horror of waiting… :wink: