The Banning of users


I was talking to an individual that told me they were Bend from the Phillips sandbox the welcome area I was wondering if there is not a way for individuals to be notified of what their band. Is why they are banned from the Welcome area perhaps maybe they can be notified on the Forum on the community system of why they were banned or who was being being this is beta it may help improve relations


I belive the greeter will inform the person b4 banning them.
I also kinda think it will take a concerted effort to get banned.
lol im still here aint i :stuck_out_tongue:
If you feel you have been unjustly banned you can email the devs.
In your own domain you can be anyway you like
the welcome area, is there to give a good impression
the motto be polite or learn to fight springs to mind


Folks are given several warnings by the greeters before getting to the stage where they would be kicked out of Welcome. That said, if there is any confusion, anyone who is kicked is invited to email to ask why it was done. (Note that an answer may take a few business days.) For privacy reasons–both the privacy of the user who was kicked, and that of other users–we will not discuss the particulars of kicks from Welcome here on the forums, or with any third party claiming to be communicating on behalf of someone who was kicked from Welcome.

Because Welcome is our space for new users to get acclimatized, it’s a special case; being in there is a privilege, not a right. Folks who have been kicked from Welcome may still freely wander other domains, including those run by High Fidelity.


You’re not a problem maker so I don’t see yourself getting banned anytime soon


Okay I do not see any problems then the individual must be causing other forms of problems and persisting and making problems then…
Thank you very much


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