The domain-server executable was not found


I updated to version 69 a couple days ago, just before the Thursday meeting on Maker. The next day I fired up my computer like usual, and got this dialog telling me the domain-server executable was not found. And again today. Launching into Interface works fine, but apparently my local sandbox got borked upon install. Anyone else running into this issue? I never use my local domain, so it doesn’t really impact on me, but its weird this happened.



I think the sandbox isnt in the installer anymore.


I m unsure while it s not will be posted in this way.


Yeah, I have read the News in the STEAM HiFi …

Have installed the sandbox as additional one, direct from the hifi web page (after some rethinking:-).


Well, apparently when I installed version 69 of HiFi, it must have uninstalled at least some part of Sandbox, but left the auto-launch-at-startup thing intact for it. I’m not really sure if I should go thru and manually remove whatever that is (and if so, how would I go about it?) or install the new Sandbox.

Ideally there needs to be offered a choice at install time for the new versions of HiFi as to whether a body wants to install just the Interface and its related bits and bobs, or if you optionally want to install the Domain stuff. If you choose to update the Interface but not install the Sandbox stuff, then it should check to see if there was a previous version of Sandbox there and if so, ask if you want that removed, or simply deactivated (i.e. remove the bit that does the auto-launch-at-startup).

I suspect my best bet at this point, at least for the time being, is to turn off the auto-launch thing, but I’m not sure how to do that exactly.


just update, it s not a new install


I should update the sandbox you mean? Or do you mean the automatically-offered version 69 to HiFi is “an update” rather than “an install” (of Interface and stuff)? :smiley:


I use the one I have post and it s update, for me the V 69 not work