The End of an Era




Having come in on the end of it, I haven’t been much a part of the High Fidelity’s alpha era. However, I’ve participated in (and done community work for) other alphas before, and in my experience an alpha community that makes it through to beta is a tough and dedicated core who have been through many successes and frustrations together. When I was going through all those uncategorized threads in this forum, I could see those qualities. I have great respect for that, so I hope you won’t take my closing the Welcome to Alpha topic as me casually tossing alpha in the bin.


Thank you Jess for those thoughts, yes there were some tough times.

I went looking for early pics, here’s a couple from the voxel days.
The Strip (eaten away by the mysterious vanishing) this is prob the earliest I have, taken 1-June-14

Voxel roads, voxel trees, voxel streetlights.

Then the mysterious megaVoxel ate everything and turned into the gigavoxel from hell

That was about the last we saw of voxels, who here remembers the voxel venue of the day. (meetup 27-June-14)


My first picture on the picture topic. this where some programming. first convert SL image part to data. And then make a script that place the voxels in the corretc color. Not sure if i ever fixt the rotation :open_mouth:


AHH The Voxels! I remember the days of scripting buildings of Voxels. Great pix @Adrian!


I wonder if we’ll ever get that style of voxels back. It WAS neat being able to spontaneously create and dispel voxels at high speed via scripts, such as for gauges and stuff.


Ahh! It’s the lounge I made! haha I thought I lost pictures for that forever! Thanks for posting this!