Not sure this article was mentioned here in the past but I think it is simple and excellent, it might help understanding what could be the REAL challenges of virtual reality adoption today. Food for thoughts for HF dev strategy maybe too.



The article and the link in the article are very interesting:
I agree with him in the fact that the main problem is our body. I don’t imagine a quake game with VR. Nobody can turn its head once or twice in a second or jump each two seconds for 15 minutes.

But the problem was addressed by Nintendo with Wii. The solution: don’t provide games with too much movement or the user will be tired.

But I understand HiFi as a social platform, not a game platform. Yes, you can play but this is not the main HiFi target.
I think that HiFi has other final bosses.


This might become true if someone can prove that people can use social VR ten times longer than any typical VR game. But before it’s really established, we may be obliged to create things capable of killing two birds with one stone : Social VR with gameplay mechanics (even if they are quite simple).

On a side note, the hologram room may be around the corner, thanks to “Holoverse” :


I think the final boss for virtual reality is … reality.

As close as we can get to reality in terms of visuals and feeling like you are being there, the one aspect that doesn’t seem to factor into these articles is that reality (real flesh and bones reality) is actually a totally different thing and in most cases a much better experience.

Reality will always take precedence over virtual reality unless you are talking about a very small percentage of human activities.

Eating: reality wins
****ing: reality wins
Talking on your cell phone: reality wins
Watching a movie: reality wins
riding a bike: reality wins
Socializing: reality wins

So where does virtual reality have a chance to win?
Story telling
complex data visualization
… anything else?

Just calling it ‘virtual reality’ is setting it up for disappointment, plus the fact that our current reality is already pretty virtual…

So the final boss may actually be apathy… ie Why do I need to put the headset on again? I’m comfortable on the couch with my Jerry Seinfeld re-runs (this may be the all too common theme among would be VR users)


At war, the VR could definitely win, no one would have to leave his life in the ball-fight


LoL i am not sure at all times … blushes


Yes, I’ve never quite seen the point of ‘realistic’ VR. I already have one of those just outside my front door! For me, VR is for things you can’t achieve in RR. Though there is a certain level of parity that is necessary, it is not at all in the visual or auditory aspects. Tactile is the big wall for me. IK gets part way there, but full-body force-feedback is the grail for me.


Yeah Michel, I only can agree and as the article says, if the body is not there, it can’t work. This Is why when using a well done system of avatars (realistics, with enough anims to make it play what you feel when working for example and feel that you really control it…) has a future since neuro sciences researches could reveal the existence of the auto-empathy that makes you feel your body going with you inworld. This is the true innovation, as powerfull as the effect of the mirror discovery could bring to humanity, even if it can take long before the maturation of the neurons, but I’m confident that Philip Rosedale first inspiration with Second life that made this appear will still bring that with High Fi…


Hi Cheops (Forlife ?:rofl:),

Agree with you. Things should get in place over time like with puzzles.

The issue here is that HiFi has already brought (and will bring more) innovative and sometimes unique differentiating things, so they might not have enough resources to implement “obvious” functionality like anims that can be found in Opensim/SL. And as the HiFi community is not yet so large at this time, one cannot count too much on members bringing in the bunch of scripts (including for anims you mention) that are needed.



War, yes … after all these terrible acts around the world that continue to happen, maybe VR could be a tool to achieve peace.

Don’t take creative VR for granted, our possibilities and freedom to play in this realm is pure magic… but it’s a strange truism that most VR players just want to play at war anyway…


you guys allready have a tool for a president do we need another one