The future of VR ala Black Mirror


Have any of you Netflix buffs out there seen Black Mirror yet? Episode 12 (San Junipero) seems particularly eery for those of us who who are into VR and virtual worlds…


Review on that: Heaven is a place on Earth

That might be humble to give those dying a chance to change things by living years or decades in a matter of days possibly thru VR/AR now it’s more likely to be implanted memories directly into the mind with some future method.

I have always been a firm believer of ‘Life Erase’ that is if you suffered past trauma, in your life, that will severely diminish your future, you could have your memories erased,maybe even a new identity would be allowed this would give you the true ability to start over, being anything you choose without the chains of the past binding you down.

VR/AR and High Fidelity has a great future. unsure it will help prevent the possible future mankind brings upon itself.


Sorta like in Abre los ojos/Vanilla Sky?

I always found that concept very eery. Forgetting on purpose, as memories define us. Some memories especially the ones that disable people definitely should be, but people are hardy and they do define us. but it also being a thing that can be used against oneself.


Well sort of on the romance end of the story… And warning - spoiler alert but…

It turns out that everyone’s in a virtual reality system called San Junipero (gee, a poke at Juniper networks?) while in the real world they’re a bunch of old folks in nursing homes throughout the world that have been given the option to have their conscious transferred into the system after they die.


Someone must have watched futurama :slight_smile: