The great button test! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Hello and hello! Hope everyone is doing well and all that.

So I’ve been playing around with a vps provider that I’ve been using for ages for the last week or so and have found that for some crazy reason a $20 a year vps (yes a year) + this amazing little repo for the Ubuntu (ps @OmegaHeron you’re rad as heck!) somehow equals a domain that to this date has had 10 people on it without it dying in the butt and after a lot of screwing around it seems like we cant seem to get it to have as bad of a time as I thought it would. So I thought id ask everyone a very serious question. I want you to…

Now I have made a neat little display on the domain that you can check LIVE STATS (well it updates every 5 minutes)

so while you have all the fun you can

and see how much fun the server is having! So go and head to button (click in here for a hifi link) and have a grand old time! Would love to see how nuts it can get!


Yeah it’s pretty amazing what some (relatively speaking) low end hardware can do! The main things that bring servers to screaming is lots of avatars with HMDs and hand controllers, lots of dynamic objects or complex physical objects and voice.

I’ve had no problem hosting my domain on a 10$/month digital ocean droplet (going on 2 years of it being up 24/7/365) and upwards of 10+ people. That said - if you hit the tipping point where it saturates CPU then it goes bad very quickly. :wink: But as long as you’ve got enough bandwidth and CPU you can stretch what seems a totally inadequate machine a long way.

I once (way way way way) back had a domain-server + its assignment-clients all running on a 1st gen RasPi (you know the 800ish MHz single core and 512M RAM). Of course - that was before ACs started doing all the fancy stuff.

Glad you’re having fun! That’s really all that matters!


Haha yeah I tried getting it to run a while ago (yeah no compiling on that much memory apparently) just need to see what the max is for it. We where really trying to tank it but we cant seem to get it to hit past 70% of cpu utilisation. So I thought screw it, lets see if we can make it (or the provider) FLIP A TABLE! YEAH


That brings in a question, could it be possible to setup a rspi per each assignment client so that a server would consist of 7 raspberry pis… 5 for main assignment clients, one domain server to which the assignment clients connect to, and 1 for additional assignment clients for separation of concerns across multiple hardware. Maybe this is an experiment to lookinto… someday.

In anycase Cool stuff @Vargink :slight_smile: will have to come around today perhaps to do fool about.


Assuming one can tame the nvtt stuff, then yes. I’ve had to put my entire RPI project on ice due to its inclusion. I remember hearing about ITBB also being included as just the binary from now on, so that may also require some working around (though ITBB compiles like a dream if set up properly and is the least of your concerns when doing the RPI builds).

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